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Driving Direct Relationships with Consumers


Having operated as a traditional manufacturer and wholesaler since its inception over 150 years ago, the Scott's Miracle-Gro
company wanted to build direct relationships with its consumers in order to educate and build community across brands. They began by utilizing Shopify and Magento, but couldn't achieve the success they were hoping for.  So they turned to RunDTC and
Salesforce to help develop and execute the strategy necessary to achieve their digital goals. As Scott's evolved, they recognized the need to establish a more direct relationship with their consumers - and to unify the consumer experience across touch points.


Beginning with a mapping of the different brands and consumer types, RunDTC worked with the Scott's team to build a strategy to deliver a singular experience - from the initial marketing touchpoint all the way through pre- and post-purchase consumer service. RunDTC first worked to detail the various steps in the
consumer journey with Scott's, along with the data points to be collected. Next was to map how that would be supported from both the storefront and marketing experiences all the way through to customer service.

Once the discovery and requirements definition was complete, the RunDTC and Scott's teams got to work on a multi-cloud solution including Commerce, OMS, Marketing, and Service Clouds. The initial site launched was Greendigs, followed by Aerogarden, with the approach being to develop an architecture that would allow for reusable assets for future sites - a platform approach. With this new solution in place, marketers, merchandisers, and consumer service reps have full control over all aspects of the consumer journey.

The Scott's teams are now able to easily launch and manage new sites and to leverage unified data across the solution, with all this being tied into their global SAP ERP to further manage a single source of truth across all their sites.

Once Aerogarden and Greendigs were live, the Scott's and RunDTC teams continued to work together to support the sites while launching additional sites. With these first launches of their direct to consumer sites on the Salesforce cross-cloud solution, the Scott's team now has a truly unified platform to better understand their consumers, tailor experience towards them, and better serve the consumer for continued loyalty and growth.

Gone are the days of siloed sites & information, leading to disjointed consumer experiences. The digital team can leverage the full power of the consumer data to improve their interactions and ultimately, their revenue. The full solution includes additional sites, across multiple brands and business units, unified on a single instance of Salesforce with a shared cart for core sites. With RunDTC & Salesforce, Scott's can now truly own their consumer experience and propel their business forward.

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Strategy & Design Implementation Ongoing Support 

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“RunDTC was great in helping to define our vision and executing on it with Salesforce.”
Nick Ljubi, Product Owner - eCommerce & Digital Strategy


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